Mirabel's Digital Studio - A Pagination and Self Publishing Software

Mirabel's Digital Studio® service is a web based pagination, page and product layout self publishing software service for both print magazines and organization of digital editions, portfolios and photo viewers. A separate module that works with The Magazine Manager®, Mirabel's Digital Studio service is your complete solution for online Pagination, Digital Edition & iPad, Android Editions, Layout and digital asset management.

Web Based Pagination:

Web based pagination allows users to easily create a virtual map of their print magazine. Whether you’re the production manager, art designer, or the sales account manager, working from one single version of the map, online, keeps everyone abreast of the latest version. In short, it allows you to quickly and easily take a booked ad order and place it on the map of your magazine online for everyone in your company to see! A complete workflow can be defined online, between your production manager, designer and sales manager.

Publishing Digital & Tablet Editions:

Digital Publishing is accomplished all in one workflow. When you are done paginating your final printed magazine you can publish the online edition directly from Mirabel's Digital Studio® service with the click of a button. Your print workflow and digital edition creation become one.

Magazine Central iPad App:

The Magazine Central iPad, Android app, is a newsstand for our clients. The Magazine Central app is part of Mirabel's Digital Studio and allows publishers to quickly publish their digital editions created in Mirabel's Digital Studio to the iPad. Readers can easily browse the Magazine Central newsstand in thumbnail or grid view, search for magazines by categories or by year and month.