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The Magazine Manager

The Magazine Manager is the web-based software to save time and money. Eliminate multiple software systems by centralizing sales, production and accounts receivable information into one web-based software.magazine software video


Mirabel's Digital Studio®

Online Collaboration

Stream Lined Production Workflow

Pagination Features:
  • Show open pages
  • Show Ad:Edit ratios
  • Show Ad:Edit index
  • Display approved pages
  • Link built ads to job jackets
  • Digital Editions/iPad Editions
  • Text based asset search
  • Drag & Drop Ad placement
  • Display most recent activity history

Web Based Pagination

Online Collaboration, Digital Publishing, Asset Management

Web based pagination allows users to easily create a virtual map of their print magazine. Whether you're the production manager, art designer, or the sales account manager, working from one single version of the map, online, keeps everyone abreast of the latest version.

Magazine Central App

Magazine Central is dedicated to the distribution of Niche and Regional Digital Magazines.

The Magazine Central app, is a Newsstand for The Magazine Manager clients. The Magazine Central app is part of Mirabel's Digital Studio.

Publishers can quickly distribute their digital editions created in Mirabel's Digital Studio through the Magazine Central app.

Download at:
  • digital magazine apps
  • digital magazine apps
  • digital magazine apps


The Magazine Manager

Magazine Management

The World's Leading Magazine Management Software. The Magazine Manager is the most Comprehensive Magazine Management software platform designed for the Magazine Industry serving more than 9000 magazines, websites, newspapers, events and publications.

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Mirabel's Digital Studio

Digital Magazine Software

Online pagination and a Digital Publishing Suite all in one product! Digital Studio is fully integrated with Magazine Manager and allows for online Pagination, Digital Edition & iPad Editions, Layout and digital asset management.

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The Newspaper Manager

Newspaper Software

The Newspaper Manager is customized for the newspaper industry with the same powerful functionality of The Magazine Manager, but set up with a focus on weekly and daily publications. The Newspaper Manager manages print display advertising, digital advertising, websites and trade shows and events.

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