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How It Works

Bulk-Clean Email Lists in 3 Easy Steps

Log in to upload your email list in an .XLS, .XLSX, .ODS, .CSV, or .TXT format, or type one address at a time in the single email verification module.
Each email address is automatically scanned for proper formatting, valid inboxes and email providers, and more.
Clean Your List categorizes each email address: Valid, Invalid, or Unknown. We then email you, and you can download the new list on your account by clicking the small cloud with an arrow. If you’re using the single email verification module, we’ll tell you this within seconds.

    Boost Your Profit

    The goal of every email marketing campaign is to connect with your target audience. With a clean, accurate, and verified email list, it’s easier than ever to reach the right people. Contact valuable leads, boost conversions, and increase profit for your business. 

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    Avoid Spam Folders

    Sending email marketing campaigns to invalid, mistyped, or improperly formatted email addresses can harm your sender reputation. Because of this, workflows and digital newsletters can get sent to the spam folder or auto-blocked by popular Internet service providers like Gmail and Outlook.


    Clean Your List offers 1,500 free credits — the most free credits of any email verification service.

    Drag the slider to pick the right plan for you. The more verifications you need, the better the discount we offer. We also don’t charge for unknowns or duplicate addresses.

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