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Mirabel Technologies Privacy Policy

Mirabel Technologies is committed to the privacy and security of our client’s data.  As a partner in your business, we know that trust is vital to our working relationship. By extension, we are fully aware and deeply respect the same relationship you have with your customers. We have taken and will continue to take every step possible to ensure that all data is kept private and that you are in control of your data at all times.

This document will serve to outline our privacy policy and the steps we take to make sure that your right to privacy is held sacred with regards to our working relationship. We will update this policy from time to time to ensure that we keep up with new regulations, trends and also push for your right to privacy beyond what is mandated or standard within our industries.

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1. When and where do we collect data?

a. When you visit our website

b. At industry trade events

c. Interactions with our marketing communications

d. Lead forms and registrations for demos and/or events

e. Communications via ticketing system

2. Our role as data processor

a. Mirabel Technologies serves as a Data Processor to help your storage, analysis, organization and other activities related to the data you collect on clients and prospective clients. We maintain security and do not share the data you enter into our system with outside entities unless compelled by law to do so.

b. Clients of our software serve as Data Controllers and are responsible for adhering to accepted privacy practices and all regulation covering data privacy to remain in good standing with our company and relevant regulators

c. We serve as data controller for our own direct client’s info relevant to the proper service of our software and to ensure that you have an ideal experience.

3. Personal data we collect

a. Mirabel will collect data submitted via various forms (digital and/or physical), emails, tickets submitted for customer service and will also document information discussed in phone, in person and digital communications that are relevant to ensuring proper service

b. Mirabel also maintains a database of information from publicly available sources to help us better identify current and prospective clients and anticipate their needs

c. Mirabel also employs tracking technology on our various websites and digital marketing channels that includes, but is not limited to, cookies, web beacons, IP address lookup and other tracking and identification technology

d. All of the information we collect as a data controller is solely owned by Mirabel Technologies and held in a secure fashion in full accordance with all local laws and customs.

4. Device and usage data

a. Mirabel takes great care to gain a better understanding of our client’s needs by tracking interactions across multiple digital and physical channels to create a cohesive customer service experience by employing tracking tools and integrating multiple marketing and direct communications channels into one profile based system for individualized comprehensive histories of client interactions

b. We also offer the ability to clients to cohesively track usage and interactions across channels in one profile to our clients via The Marketing Manager

c. In both cases, the data collected is the sole property of the respective Data Controller unless prohibited by applicable law

d. In all cases where we track and store data and interactions. The data will be treated in accordance with our security policy and any applicable laws.

5. EU based clients and customers

a. GDPR adoption in the EU affects our ability to comply with applicable laws and provide the same cohesive experience for clients.

b. We are fully GDPR compliant and offer any client or prospect the relevant controls over their data that can be exercised by sending an email to

6. Sharing of personal data

a. Any data collected and as a client will be your sole property and will not be shared unless compelled to do so by law

b. We share our proprietary database via The Marketing Manager product with any clients of said product. This consists of information found via publicly available records and does not include any interaction data.

c. All interaction data compiled by any client of The Marketing Manager remains that clients possession unless prohibited by applicable law

d. Where applicable, we use retargeting tools to send ads via exchange networks to prospective clients who have expressed interest in our product by visiting our website

e. At times, registration for events, webinars, email blasts and other promotional offerings may be shared with our partners who provide such events and will be expressly communicated at the time of data collections.

f. Images may be collected as part of App Functionality.

Our CRM mobile app, Mirabel Mobile may use images and require access to your device to upload details through our ‘Get Card’ and ‘Ticket’ options. 'Get Card' will allow the app to scan the customer's visiting card and store the personal details of the user in our CRM. 'Ticket' enables app users to contact our Application Support team to report any issues they encounter within the app or CRM, providing specific error details through a screenshot image. Please be aware that the images uploaded to our platform might be stored on our servers for future references, solely to be used by the user, and for the features in CRM Application. However, we do not share these with any third parties, they are only used for internal purposes, such as improving our services and user experience.

7. Your rights regarding your data

a. Your rights to delete, modify, move or take possession of the data we collect will be provided in accordance with applicable law. These rights may include, but are not limited to:

i. Access your personal data

ii. Correct any inaccuracies in personal data

iii. Erase all record of personal data

iv. Restrict access to personal data

v. Transfer personal data

8. Sensitive data

a. Financial information may be collected for the purposes of billing our software and services

b. All financial processing data, including credit card numbers, are made anonymous and inaccessible for us once we pass the info to the appropriate 3rd party billing company

c. Mirabel maintains no digital records of credit card or other sensitive billing information

d. Data collected on minors that visit our marketing channels is governed by applicable laws and may include a total and complete exclusion of any data collections where applicable

We are striving to always provide our clients with the best possible service and to also help our clients do the same for their own customers, readers and prospective advertisers. We are committed to only collecting data that will help in this process while simultaneously safeguarding that data against any possible data breaches.  We will work tirelessly and in conjunction with any partners to ensure that your data is held privately and securely. Please contact us with any questions or feedback regarding our policies and procedures for data privacy.

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